The art workshop

The ancient town of Castelbuono is a tangle of narrow streets with a medieval flavor. Stairs, courtyards, fountains, the uneven pavement, scents from the open balconies of the many houses. Walking along the main street, that flows like a river from the castle down, you meet what it seems to be, at first glance, an alley with an entrance staircase. You're in front of Cortile Marguglio.

Climb the stairs. At the very end, an old little house, covered with the pink of the earthenware powder, forms a backdrop to the courtyard. Above, a window is flanked by a stone corbel that once adorned it with the fresh basil bouquet. Then the balcony, with its fern beard, and the wooden door with the ''acciettu", a typical window that was a kind of video door entry phone of other times. It’s Frammenti, an Art workshop.

Once you’ve crossed the threshold, you’ll be in a place where the present embraces the past. Frammenti is an old house, a place of historical memory, completely restored to its original aspect, respecting the authenticity of the structure and its materials. Stone walls, the well, always full of water, the bucket, the ring to bind the donkey: the ground floor was a stable.

All around, spaces are full of Art “fragments”: terracotta, ceramic, plaster, the white, the colors, the ancient and the contemporary.

Frammenti’s fragments are pieces of an ever-changing story. Words, verbs, adjectives of matter, color accents. Each work is a unique piece, made in the art workshop where the ancient knowledge is plagued by the freshness of the contemporary.

On the first floor there was the residence of the small old building that houses Frammenti. Two small rooms were enough space to live everyday’s life. The high roof, with wooden beams, gives breath and broadens the view. Today, on the first floor, Frammenti is also a small art gallery.

As the ancients said, “dulcis in fundo” (sweets come last)... but in this case, they are “in forno” (in the oven). A small door leads to the kitchen, a little corner, out of time, in a tiny little space. Step in: you’ll be delighted by the nineteenth-century oven and the ceiling made with the ancient “incannucciato” technique (with woven reeds), from the "tannura" and the many tools, memories of the past.

Frammenti is waiting for you. Come visit us in Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie.

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