Madonna with Child

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Ceramic fragment hand-painted with cobalto, Frammento di ceramica dipinto a mano in cobalto, on table.
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Subject: Madonna with Child (detail from Andrea Del Sarto)



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Product details

Height 29 cm
Width 16 cm
Depth 1,7 cm
Weight 484 g
Composition Ceramica
Properties Con tavoletta
Da parete Si

The tones of the cobalt blue shine on the white ceramic giving it a classic taste but still alive. On Frammenti you can find a vast production of ceramics, hand-painted using the technique of the cobalt blue, a special color: gray and almost transparent when it is raw, in cooking it turns into a beautiful bright blue. The tiles, the fragments and the cobalt ceramic ornaments add a touch of elegance to your decor and tell the beauty of the classic and of the the evergreen tradition... or rather the everblue one.