APOLLO earrings

€ 16.39

Earrings with pendant, collection URBAN MIDA. Character: APOLLO.


  • Plexiglas
  • Stainless steel

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Product details

Composition Plexiglas

Apollo is the God of Sun, Arts, Music and Poetry. Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo reveals the future and enlightens the intellect. 

Logo Urban Mida

The modern King Midas doesn't turn everything he touches into gold but he paints. With the handcrafted jewels collection URBAN MIDA, the Olympian Gods come into everyday life and get infected by the patterns of pop life. Available in two models: Plexi (with plexiglas body) e Inox (with stainless steel body).

Designed and created by Angela Sottile

Urban Mida is a production POLIARTE