Madrice Nuova / Manna Ash

€ 12.30

Wooden stud earrings

loghetto Castelbuono

Matrice Nuova (Church of the Virgin's Nativity)
Manna Ash tree



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Composition Multistrato di pioppo

skyline Castelbuono

Castelbuono is a magical place. A Sicilian town in the green of the Madonie Park that lyes on a valley between the mountains and the sea. CASTELBUONO jewelry line is dedicated to people from Castelbuono: those who would never leave it, those who carry it in the world, those who can not wait to come back, those who hold it carefully in their heart, those adopted by the town, those who have just known it and have already fallen in love.

Castelbuono is a country to wear.

logo Castelbuono

Created and designed by Angela Sottile
Castelbuono wooden jewels
is a production POLIARTE

Castelbuono gioielli in legno