Santa Cita puttos

€ 98.36

Watercolor on board 
Subject: couple of puttos from Giacomo Serpotta's stuccos in Santa Cita Oratory, Palermo
Dimensions: 40 x 27 cm



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Product details

Height 27 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 1,5 cm
Weight 985 g
Properties Con tavoletta
Da parete Si
Support color Verde

The series “Serpotta”, watercolors on wood and on paper, is dedicated to the wonderful art of the undisputed masters of stucco. The Serpottas, a family of artists, and most of all Giacomo, superfine plasterer, have enriched Palermo’s oratories with playful putti, swags, drapes, figures, vegetal elements mixed with fantastic images of a beautiful nature.
The paintings on board and on paper of Frammenti’s Serpotta series want to seize the sweetness, freshness and lightness of these angelic creatures, so human and tender.